was registered in the Yangtze river delta research institute of Tsinghua University in Jiaxing in June, 2017 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. In the same year, more than 30,000 square meters of aerogel application research and development center and production base were established in the Nanhu district of Jiaxing. At present, it has reached the annual capacity of producing 50,000 tons of aerogels and other related products.

Over the years, we have devoted ourselves to the research of aerogels production technology and the promotion and application of products. Over 30 million yuan has been invested in research and development. Through unremitting exploration and research, we have broken through the technical bottleneck of the traditional aerogels production process and put forward  the  aerogels production technology with fully independent intellectual property rights and more advanced theory. While ensuring the excellent performance of the product, the cost of production has been greatly reduced, making it more cost-effective than traditional materials. It has made outstanding contributions to promoting the wide application and popularization of aerogels.

So far, the company has more than 30 intellectual property rights, including 6 invention patents, 1 international invention patents, and more than 20 utility models. The company has more than 50 employees, among which 60 percent are R &D and technical personnel, all of whom have master's degree or above, and more than 90 percent are from Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The company adheres to the core concept of "innovation-driven, win-win cooperation" and ctively establishes cooperation with well-known enterprises, research institutions and universities at home and abroad. The company cooperates with many universities and research institutions, such as Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. to establish a research and development center combining production, education and research, in order to promote the continuous in-depth study of aerogel products and technologies.


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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 300 square meters of basic research and development center




In 2010, a research team led by Xiang Junhui, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Fushi, a professor and doctoral supervisor at Tsinghua University, established the research and development center of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in order to strengthen cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes.The establishment of the platform will promote the strategic development of the national aerogels nanomaterials and provide important support for the company to specialize in the research of aerogels nanomaterials.





In July 2017, the aerogels aerogel application research and development platform was established at tsinghua Yangtze river delta research institute in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. The center is equipped with a series of advanced testing equipment, such as high-precision thermal conductivity meter and BET meter, and has strong independent research, development and innovation ability.